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Apparently I haven't written in my blog in over two years!

Anyway, just here to bitch about the husband right now because there's noplace else to vent.   This morning he was rushing me to get to the store (to buy dog food, which we weren't even out of yet)  Ok, I get it - he was bored.

Then we get out and about, we stop at Walmart to pick some stuff up.  He gets mad because I wanted ice cream and walked up and back the aisle to see what brands were on sale and cheapest this week.  I was taking too long...  whatever, so we didn't buy any.   Then after we're rung up and leaving, I realize the woman took my 6$ in coupons but didn't take them off our bill.   The store wasn't crowded, I wanted to go back and get it fixed - he gets pissed, it's gonna take too long and it's ONLY 6$  (that's 10% of our 60% bill mind you, I thought it was worth going back for - but didn't... so I'm out the 6$ AND the coupons now since she kept them)

So, in the car I ask what or where we are in such a rush to get to.  No answer....   we go home.   So, now we are here doing absolutely nothing important (me, playing online and doing laundry - and him messing around in the yard)

What the hell was the big stink about?  HE WAS THE ONE who wanted to get out of the house, and he gets mad because I spend 1 minute in the ice cream aisle and wanted to go back and spend 3 minutes getting our 6$ back??

I will NEVER understand men.


K - done now.

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Posted on 08:33PM on Dec 9th, 2013
I don't even understand what he wanted. And I'd like to think I'm a man. I was five minutes ago...
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